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Could you use a piece of marriage advice?

(The 20 Minute a Day Marriage SavingTechnique.)

Even though Adam and I improved our communication skills tenfold years ago implementing Courageous Conversations and other sound biblically based principles (, I am happy to announce we have yet another big breakthrough in this area.

We believe that our hearts reveal a lot about ourselves. Knowing something in your head is not the same as how you feel about it in your heart… sometimes what you know to be true doesn’t feel true. When these opposites collide we are revisiting that tough heart issue-wound that needs healing. The goal is to get the head knowledge and the heart knowledge to match so that we can walk in wholeness and be all that Jesus (Yeshua) created us to be!

In a courageous conversation each person takes turns sharing their hearts on a pressing issue. As you are listening you are not agreeing that what they are struggling with is actually your fault (although sometimes it is). You don’t defend your actions, blame the other person, or complain about their response. You are just being a good listener, helping each other unpack what is truly in the heart. And because we all have our filters that we are learning to unclog, we need others to hear our hearts so we can discern what the real heart issue is apart from the surface stuff that jabs the heart wound.

I am pretty outgoing and don’t have a problem spouting out my opinion and feelings for the most part. I have had to learn to be a listener and sometimes just to be silent. But often enough I still forget and I talk more than listen when it is not my turn. Adam is unpacking something and I add my two cents. He will occasionally remind me to halt and that helps me remember to stay on track.

We joke that we have found a new golden twenty minutes for Adam to have easy uninterrupted talk time. It is the twenty minutes I spend a day oil pulling. While it is possible to squeak out a few words they are not dainty and you have to be choosy because a sentence is really not that possible to do well. Who wants to clean up a mouthful of coconut oil?

So now I am supporting my lymphatic system, working on a reversing a few cavities, and improving my marriage skills. Have I mentioned before that I love multi purpose things?


helps cures tooth decay

helpsstrengthen heal bleeding gums

reduces inflammation

improves sinus congestion

boost immune system



One tablespoon of coconut oil + essential oil power booster= swish in mouth for twenty minutes.


Don’t swallow the toxins you have just extracted!

Repeat daily.

NOTE: It is best to not spit it out into your sink as the coconut oil may harden and clog your pipes.


This is beneficial for an extra infection fighting detoxing help!

Plague Rescue 1 drop

$15/15 ml $28/30ml

Oral Hygiene blend 2-4 drops

/15ml /30ml

Tea Tree 1 drop

$15/15 ml $28/30ml

Peppermint 1 drop

$10/15ml $16/30m

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