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Progress Over Perfection

Feeling discouraged is not a reflection of your worth or your ability to heal. If you are overcoming perfection, this can be even harder to grapple with. Your weaknesses can be opportunities for great strength if you recognize them rather than try to over power them. Weaknesses should not be our identity.

As long as you fear your weaknesses, it has power over you. Admitting that they exist, that you have a tendency towards an area helps them lose their power over you. You can then begin to recognize when you are grappling with them and can choose healthier habits rather than knee jerk defenses and fear-FULL reactions. This builds character. It rewrites your foundation. (It changes your brain chemistry!)

Thank you to @oliviacagle (FB/IG) for the reminder that we need progress over perfection! Making even one choice in the right direction in any area of healing we need is progress. One small step builds on another small step. Even getting off track or giving into fear is a natural human response. Don't let that stop you either. "Failing forward" is having the courage to feel, be real, and heal. Get back up and continue on.

Healing requires mindfulness, an awareness of how you are feeling about yourself, others or situations. Using essential oils to compliment this is a powerful way to rewrite the brain and is one small step you can easily incorporate into your day. Essential oils work on a cellular level, especially utilized aromatically. They are small enough to cross the blood brain barrier.

I suggest starting with 3-4 roll on bottles that you resonate with. Forgiveness, Acceptance, Let Go...Let God, Citrus Lift, Thrive, Grounded, Realign, Peace & Tranquility are part of our growing collection of emotional support blends. As you are real with how you feel for the day and correlate that with a blend, it supports your ability to process and heal. By purchasing a roll on first you have a cost effective way to experience an oil blend. You can repurchase a full strength bottle when you have a feel for what you connect with in various seasons, diluting them yourself economically in the same roll on bottles!

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