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Goodbye Earaches

Hydrotherapy is free and so easy to use for earaches. The very first time someone experiences hydrotherapy I might hear a bit of complaining but it ends once that first cycle brings relief. I always treat both ears and I follow with Earache Rescue essential oil for the antimircobial, anti inflammatory and antibacterial properties of the oils in this blend.

For hydrotherapy:

Two wash cloths, one soaked with cold water and one with very warm water. Use water that is as cold/hot as is appropriate but use common sense to know what is too cold/hot per the person needing relief and what they tolerate/what is age appropriate. Do not use ice.

Apply one very warm wash cloth to the outside of the ear and hold it in place for three minutes. Remove it and put the cold wash cloth in it's place for thirty seconds. Repeat this for a total of three cycles. Follow up with Earache Rescue or your own tea tree, lavender, roman chamomile blend.

To use the Earache Rescue Blend:

Put 4-5 drops on a cotton ball and gently placing it just inside the ear. Never force the cotton ball into the ear. Never put the essential oil drops directly into the ear. Treat both ears. I prefer to leave them in over night or for several hours.

You can purchase Earache Rescue here:

Repeat the hydrotherapy and Earache Rescue blend as needed.

DIY Earache Rescue

3 drops Tea Tree essential oil

3 drops Lavender essential oil

1 drop Roman Chamomile essential oil

*This information is not mean to take the place of your qualified physician. Common sense must be used to decide the appropriate temperature for the person needing relief. In over a 15 years of treating earaches with this simple method, I have only seen one earache not respond. For us, this warranted a doctor's visit.

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