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It is More Powerful than You Think

Adam told me every day our first few years of marriage that I was beautiful. It wasn’t for the sake of flattery but even in the midst of his own personal hurdles...he wanted me to know what a prize I was to him. He called me his precious tulip. He said it so often I believed him. I believed him for the following decade when my body was ever changing through pregnancies, postpartum and all things in between. It had become internally ingrained in me. What do you say to those you love DAILY...To your spouse, your children, those closest to you? Have you told your kids not only that you love them but that Yeshua does? What greater love is His? Of course I want my children to know that I love them but without a foundation in Christ, where will they be as they face the world as they grow? His love is the standard. In His love is perfect grace and forgiveness and the things we need to intimately be unshakable in. As littles their hearts are so moldable. It will sink in for decades of a strong-er foundation. But it’s never too late to begin even if you have been lacking (not often enough) as I feel I have, it’s never too late to find ways to start! What comes out of your mouth is a reflection of what is in your heart. It encompasses how you see yourself AND how you see others. Start with what are you telling yourself daily about how the Father sees you. As you firm that up in your own heart it will be a more passionate calling to speak it into someone else’s life. Notice I said as...don’t’s a two for one. Speak it out and speak it to yourself...the power of verbal blessing will work both ways.

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