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Hand Sanitizer According to the WHO

I made my first WHO approved hand sanitizer recently. I shared it with one of my fav USPS gals.

1 cup plus 2 tsp 95% alcohol

1T 3% hydrogen peroxide

1 tsp glycerin

10 drops of essential oils

Mix all the ingredients well in a glass jar. Add 10-20 drops of essential oil per ounce of alcohol mix. I add the essential oils I want to the dark colored glass spray bottle according to the size of bottle and top it off w the alcohol mixture. Hand sanitizer does not replace good handwashing techniques but is a great substitute when water and soap are unavailable. The additions to the 95% alcohol make the content around 70% which is in the suggested range. Too much alcohol and it evaporates too quickly to kill any viruses. Too little and it is not strong enough to kill viruses.

Good choices for essential oil blends include: Plague Rescue, Thrive, Respiratory Rescue, Bacteria B Gone (which happens to have some of the top anti viral essential oils in it as well), FOCUS or a mix of your fav anti viral and anti bacterial oils.

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