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Chiggers B Gone

It is that time of year again. We wanted to give you a DIY for making your own chigger deterent spray. These oils have traditionally been used to keep chiggers off. Some of them have been used to repel ticks as well. We still recommend showering within an hour after coming in from the outdoors.

Add 10-30 drops per ounce of a witch hazel base or carrier oil of choice. A glass spray bottle is our favorite. 10 drops is a 1% dilution and 30 drops is a 3% dilution. Dilute appropriate for age of persons using it. You may also incorporate this blend into a cream. A cream is ideal for soothing bites that have occured.

No time to DIY? We have you covered!

This blend can also be used in creams, bug sticks and to soothe bug bites.

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