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Be Thankful in Everything?

Have you ever numbed your pain to the extent that as it was exposed and you learned to feel again, you had to grapple with a myriad of thoughts? Truths, half truths and out right lies compete for attention as you try to decide whether to bury it again or finally embrace the healing that only comes with taking one baby step at a time through it. And up pops this scripture. "In everything give thanks." To be honest I've learned that looking back we can find silver linings and earnest life lessons. BUT in the moment it is so utterly hard to survive and practicing Pollyanna doesn't move through the reality of the threatening pain. Could this be a typo? How can you can give thanks when you aren't sure what will be on the other side yet? You may even trust (experience says) that there will indeed be another side but not knowing what may leave you wondering how to be thankful. Here is what I'm leaning on. Here is what David (Psalms) ended his raw feelings that he was very real about with. You can ALWAYS thank God for who He is based on the truth of His character, His rhema promises to you and the solidarity of His Word. You choose truth in the moment over any lie you're tempted to believe. Yes, betrayal by a human is real. But you are never betrayed by God. He never leaves you or forsakes you. Yes, rejection happens. But you are accepted by Him. Nothing can separate you from His love. Yes, you've made mistakes. But there is forgiveness and no shame in Him. Yes, there are consequences to your sin and living with the sins of others but you do not have to let them define you. You can take responsibility to repair as much as possible on your end but you do not have to accept condemnation. What happens to you and even the things you have done do not define you. You learn to analyze EVERY thought and take it captive to Christ. (2 Cor 10:3-6) What are you thankful for in this moment for how He is carrying you through?

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