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Did you know that essential oils can support you through your emotional needs?

There are several ways that essential oils can support your emotional needs. Here are a just a couple very, very important reasons why you should consider using key blends:

Your immune system does not function at it's best and all essential oils have some level of ability to support the immune system. Giving your body immune support helps proactively keep you from getting sick, as sick & recoup faster. This includes providing a defense against v|ruses & b*cteria that look for opportune times such as stress to invade.

Your body stores emotions on a cellular level. Essential oils work on “cleaning” cells and releasing stored emotions. It is like having a counselor for your cells. You may not get it all out at once but using them frequently chips it away a little at a time.

By choosing to use an essential oil you are acknowledging your emotions, validating them, seeing need and making a choice to move forward. What may seem small is still very significant. The choice. The mindfulness. The support without causing harm to the rest of your body.

How should you use essential oils?

*Add essential oils to a handful of epsom salts before putting them in your bath. If you are not a bath person, put a few drops on a damp wash cloth in your shower close enough to get released with the steam but out of the direct stream of water.

*Make (or buy) a bath bomb or a shower steamer with essential oils in them.

*Have a roll on bottle ready and use them as perfume on your wrists and neck. Myrrh blends are especially good for thyroid support (for some thyroid issues contribute to depression & anxiety.)

*Wear them with you all day by applying them to reusable diffuser jewelry. If you are not a jewelry person, try a diffuser ink pen. (Our diffuser jewelry and pens are individually hand crafted and made by a small business in the US.) You could even apply a few drops to a cotton ball to keep in your pocket throughout the day.

*Use a diffuser in your home, car or office. Get one with a timer so that it can run intermittently throughout the day. Need a recommendation? Ask!

*Get a massage that uses therapeutic essential oils. You can use a licensed masseuse or DIY at home. Any blend can be used in a massage oil base. Check out our massage oil blend set for couples and kids! In my last post I pointed out that "It does not have to be intimate to be therapeutic. I would actually argue that we need to find ways to engage in physical touch that are not sexual. Try a giving a foot rub or hand rub." People of all ages can be givers and receivers.

Each essential oil has it's strengths & when several like minded oils are blended together they create a synergy that makes it perfect to target specific needs whether they are emotional or physical & often both.

There are two ways to decide what blend is for you. The essential oils you know you are drawn to can help you determine a blend you may like. The name of the blend may help you choose based on what you need. What blends do you connect with? Citrus Lift

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