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DIY Sun Relief Spray

Being outdoors is a way of life here. Every year Adam and I add activities to keep the kids exploring and active in the sun and fresh air. Yes there are ticks, poison ivy, long days in the sun and plenty of dirt. Every one of these come with health benefits when in balance in my opinion but that does not mean that we don't take measures to be sure that balance stays in tact. When it comes to long days in the sun, here are some things I find important.

#1 Drink plenty of water and other quality liquids! Staying hydrated is essential. If you feel dehydrated even when drinking plenty, be sure that you are getting electrolytes in. A hint of honey and a pinch of salt in your hydrosol laced water or fresh lemonade is helpful. Water keifer can be inexpensively made, flavored and chilled for a healthy soda like replacement full of probiotics. (Don't forget that I often have free starter water grains!) I use ferment brine shots in the morning to improve my gut health and electrolyte balance.

In spite of all the safe sun protocols we follow (both to enjoy the benefits and to avoid the risks), occasionally we need a sun relief spray. This is my favorite protocol and with summer upon us, I wanted to share it!

DIY Sun Relief Protocol

Use raw apple cider vinegar (soothes skin) as a compress or spray on skin. Allow it to dry fully and then use this combo:

Aloe Vera Juice or Gel (check ingredients for purity and try to get organic)

Lavender Hydrosol or All Things Skin Hydrosol Blend

Mix in an amber glass spray bottle 50:50. Shake gently and use as needed. Store in the fridge for prolonged life and honestly, the cool liquid feels amazing. Use often and wear loose clothing. This spray also works for minor burns and we like to always keep some on hand, made up and in the fridge!

Do you need some chemical free sun support cream?

We make our own sun protection for prolonged days out. You can find a recipe here:

Or you can purchase what we make here: Sun Kissed Skin | lchaimoils (

And in an all inclusive summer care package here: Summer FUN Package | lchaimoils (

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