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Getting Stronger...Incrementally

What motivates you to want to live healthier and feel happier? It is not seasons of feeling comfortable. The most uncomfortable things in my life have been the ones that have spurred me on to the greatest growth. I have uncovered a lot of default coping mechanisms in the past three years and some of them came to a head in 2020. I have learned where I am still weak and easily intimidated and I am learning to stand stronger and walk with more grace. What was exposed in 2020 that you would like to see improvement for in 2021?

Anxiety Depression Desire to give up Insomnia Fear Anger Defensiveness Low expectations Blame game Shame Guilt Gluttony Immune system weakness Here is what I want to urge you to consider: Recognize your reality but don't accept it as your identity: Be real with how you feel, cope and where you make unhealthy choices. You can't change what happened yesterday but you can change your future. Flip it: What is the other side? Examples: Anger=Security Shame=Forgiveness & Grace Hopelessness=Hope Do you need help with this? I have a handy chart! Determine the outcome: Find a rhema verse, a promise from God that gives you hope for getting to "the other side". Memorize it, post it on a wall, meditate on it. There are days you may feel discouraged and determining your outcome will deepen your focus. Find Your Focus: Set goals that are realistic. Discouragement will easily knock on your door and invite you to sup with what feels comfortable. Choose to review your victories and remember the direction you are headed. Stay focused. Accountability: Having a friend to hold you accountable improves your chances of success. For healing my physical core, I have like minded people to celebrate my wins and set goals with regularly. For my personal life I have a few intimate friends who will speak truth and stand by me through my roughest days and I with them. Pick someone who loves you, is not afraid to speak truth but will also spur you on according to your rhema. Everyone needs wise counsel and encouragement at some point!

Accept grace for the journey...for your journey. Progress, not perfection! You are not done until you die...

Here is to 2021 and reaping the benefits of all that has been exposed that is meant to

find a path towards healing!



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