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Have You Experienced "Suddenly "?

The word suddenly seems to have a connotation of instant at first glance. But does it really? Pause for a minute and think about it. There was a woman who had a health issue. She had an unhealthy blood flow from her body...for 12 years! She sought every physician, exhausted every option. Nothing was getting better. One day she got in her head if she could only touch the hem of Jesus' clothes she was certain that she would be made whole. How did she conclude that? How did she know that was really true? What did she base it on? Someone recently suggested that the word garment in Hebrew is used over 10 times in the Old Testament and is connected to the idea of healing, covering in relation to the corner or edge of a garment and the Word of God. She must have heard, pondered... in her desperation also grew a seed of hope and she began to believe it could be true. She chose to believe the Word. By the time she reached Him she was convinced it was true! Her faith through a process we aren't privy too, grew! THEN suddenly she was healed when in faith she touched Him. Occasionally life gives us a curve ball "suddenly ". But I'm finding in life "suddenly" occurs most of the time because someone has been pressing in, standing, waiting, trusting, growing... for awhile. What if the suddenly hasn't happened yet because you are still moving through a process you can't possibly fathom and yet is in your best interest? What kind of character growth do you have to do in the waiting? What kind of tenacity do you have or need to have to cling to the Word of God and the rhema words He has given you while waiting? How long will it be? The process can be hard. I liken it to a wilderness and often feeling hedged in on all sides. It can be conflicting and comforting. I can neither move too far forward or backward without stepping outside of His path. It conflicts with my natural responses and ways I cope with stress or want to fix things. It is comforting because when I stop resisting I find rest, security and comfort. I don't know "how long". It has been a long time coming already. But I do know I dont have a plan B. I want to stand right here, believe and surrender to what He says ... and see what is on the other side. He says He wants to do exceedingly abundantly more than I could think or imagine.... are you wanting that too? Selah.

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