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Silence the Internal Chatter

Exodus 14:14

"The Lord will fight for you and you shall hold your peace." The ESV says, "and you only need to be silent."

Blurting out toxic words in unhealthy ways is damaging and there is so much power in our words. But simply keeping your mouth shut isn't the complete answer either. I know people who say nothing thinking themselves the better, wiser person but at the expense of ruminating lies in their head. They too start to believe them to be truth. External poison or internal poison, both are damaging and can lead to self sabatoging behaviors, anger, hatred, and betrayal. 

Silence the internal chatter. You have to show up and move through pain to do this. You have to hear it, address it, seek help to unpack it if need be, learn humility and receive grace. You have to stop living in victim mode. It is hard work and requires conscious efforts and real choices. You may find it surprising when you get past triggers and finger pointing where it really all started. 

Out of your heart condition will your words come. Address your heart and the root issues and put your trust not in your own defense but in Him. If you don't address the heart issue, it'll erupt or corrupt. 

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