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Unexpected Legacy of Divorce

I may step on some toes. It's not my intent but my heart is... feeling, hurting, healing...

40 years ago when Roe vs Wade emerged we didn't have science to confirm what we now do about life and the effects of abortion on women physically, mentally and emotionally. There's plenty of science, studies and information now. There are so many women... and gulp... abortion survivors speaking up first hand.

Will it take 40 years for us to fully recognize and want to reverse the effects of divorce on families? I found this book nearly 4 months ago but on the countdown to a mediation (divorce process) I don't have a say in, concerned for my children, I'm finally picking it up. This 25 year study has me in tears. I don't have a choice now. I didn't have a choice in my parents divorce 20 some years ago. I can relate to the hurdles I've faced to become a better partner and parent in 21 years just in the intro, overcoming the legacy born to me from my own parents struggles. How do I stop this cycle as my children are on the brink of a second generation divorce? What is my responsibility in this and how can we find a biblical path to victory in spite of it all and in spite of other people's choices? Because it's Jesus' way (not mainstream hypocritical christianese but real in the gutter doing life w Jesus way) that keeps coming out on top. Even if science and psychology don't care to see it through that filter... it's there.

I'm thankful for grace over perfection. I'm thankful for forgiveness. I'm thankful to be able to forgive & more importantly to be forgiven. I'm thankful I'm learning to stand..."alone" (ty 2022) while not alone. I'm learning I can trust Jesus in ways I did as a child before my parents divorce created a wall between myself & Him. Marriage was the journey to grow closer to Him again. Divorce is being used to put Him first. I'm thankful for community who takes seriously the command to care for widows. Without their obedience to God I would be as sunk as the enemy has threatened me over & over. Idk what tomorrow holds but I know the One who does. #legacyofdivorce #forgiveness #childrenofdivorce #girlswithswords #accidentmademestronger

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