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Listen To Your Prompt

Do you have what feels like a random thought for someone you haven't even kept in contact with? Have you ever had a night awakening with a person on your heart? I heard a man speak a couple months ago who was overseas ministering and a stranger just stared openly at him for a long time and then began to weep. An interpreter said he knew THIS was the face of a man that he had been prompted to pray for years earlier. A man he had never met, halfway across the world.

Sometimes I find out why I feel heavy for someone but mostly I do not...a pattern I've experienced since I was young. Since the accident God showcased to me the depth of His care and love for us that He prompts believers in the Body in order to drive us to our knees for one another. The year following I would get a random feeling text or card and it was always on a day I needed it most. I felt so loved by God and so held by other believers. It validated all the times I've prayed and not known what was on the other side of it for someone validated there was something and the unction to stand in the gap was and is for a real need. I love experiencing the Body like this.

Don't neglect that prompt. You don't have to know why in order to obey. It is not random. It isn't a coincidence. It has purpose.

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