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Unusual Stamina

Have you ever felt stamina in a day you didn't know you had? I've had two in just over a week. I drove all the way there on 4 hours of sleep and all the way back 12 days later on 3 hours of sleep. Both late evenings were timely divine convos that left me more inspired in being able to trust in the promises of God. That is what happens when He divinely confirms what He is speaking into your life and unites you with other believers.

So as I was driving home, I was meditating on the promises God has given to me. Some of them promises from two decades ago and some from the past 8 months...all of them colliding, confirming and validating.

Occasionally there was a tiny mere minute of rain sprinkling across my windshield but interspersed were glimpses of the sun pushing through. It felt more sunny than rainy.

"Can you see the rainbow?" My daughter suddenly broke into my reverie. I looked forward but could not. A few minutes later she pointed it out again. This time after really searching the sky I got a glimpse of faded colors in a partial bow. Instead of growing more faint the colors gradually began to get more bold. The sun still peeked through but the clouds were also showing up in darker, looming patches. It hung with us for an unusually long time, eventually displaying every single color on the spectrum boldly, proudly. As you get closer to the promises God has given becoming fulfilled, they become more bold, more clear. The sky may look a bit looming on one side or the other but so the sun must also be to break through. The light must shine in order for the darkness to be dispelled and the promise to come into fruition. Keep releasing the fears and unbelief that stand in the way of resting in His faithfulness to fulfill what He says He will do. It won't look the way you expect! The clouds may press in with their gloom but of you keep your eyes focused, you will find that perfect peace. PS This picture of course does not come close to capturing the absolute stunning display we witnessed today!

Photo credit:Rebekah

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