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Tips to Strengthen Your Immune System - Present and Future

Is it true we encounter more viruses and bacteria during the winter? We are indoors more, whether in our homes, friends' homes, or public places. Less time is spent soaking in the sunshine and enjoying immune boosting soil in play with our children or working our gardens. Or is it just that our lymphatic systems are challenged by the jolting of hot/cold temperatures as we migrate between indoors and outdoors? Regardless of the reasons, it does seem that we often can be more susceptible to viruses and bacteria in the colder months.

But we DON'T have to become victim to every (or any) sickness that comes our way. The amazing thing about essential oils is that they are selective in the way they react in our body. They know how to strengthen our system on a cellular level and how to destroy invaders without harming the friendly bacteria our bodies require to stay strong. The benefit is twofold. Our immune systems walk away stronger after an illness (or while avoiding an illness) and build us up to deter or even prevent future sicknesses.

There are two main reoccurring winter ails: respiratory and digestive complaints. These include colds, flu, and stomach virus. We have four favorite essential oil blends that help protect our family against these or thwart them if they happen to come knocking on our door.

Respiratory Rescue and Lung Restore are our two favorite respiratory blends.

Respiratory rescue may give relief for many respiratory issues including allergy symptoms, colds, bronchitis (fights lung infections), sore throats, sinusitis, coughs and respiratory congestion. It is especially good for opening up respiratory passages. Lung Restore strengthens the respiratory system and may alleviate tuberculosis, asthma, and pneumonia.

SUGGESTED USE: They both may need diluted 50/50 in a carrier oil such as coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil, etc. and used topically. Diluted either blend is most wonderful to put on the bottom of your feet or chest, especially before bed! They may also be diffused (undiluted). We have tented our children (and read them a book at the same time) with the diffuser running. Our home made tent is fun and simple. We grab a few chairs, throw a blanket over the top and cuddle together while inhaling oils. Alternating these two respiratory blends is optimal along with Plague Rescue.

Digestion Rescue May relieve digestive complaints including indigestion, heartburn, gas, bloating, stomach virus, diarrhea, constipation, etc.

SUGGESTED USE: Massage onto stomach or vitaflex points for stomach and intestines. We often use it as well in Tummy Calm for our young ones and diluted in capsules for adults. Possible skin sensitivity. Dilute a minimum of 1:4 with a carrier oil.

Plague Rescue is our all around immune boosting, germ killing, plague avoiding oil. This super great blend is one of our favorites! It has a plethora of applications. If one family member comes down with something, other family members will often reach for this as one way to build up their immune system as a preventative measure!

SUGGESTED USE: We have found it is great for diffusing, using topically, and internally (diluted in capsules) at the first sign of a cold, flu, etc. You may add several drops to hot soapy water to disinfect household surfaces. It may be used topically diluted a minimum of 50/50 and applied to the bottom of the feet, massaged over thymus, etc. It has spicy oils as part of the blend that can be irritating to young or sensitive skin if not diluted enough. The bottom of the feet are the safest spots to avoid skin irritation.

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