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The Vagus...what?

The vagus nerve! You have one even if you did not know it and it is very important! The vagus nerve and the role it plays to support the body emotionally and physically has been surfacing in a lot of my most recent research. This important route effects nearly your entire body! The largest nerve in the body and intertwined from the brain to countless organs, it is said to be a master controller of immune cells, organs, stem sells and affects mood, digestion, memory, cognitive function and blood pressure. It is essential to balancing the parasympathetic (fight or flight) system in the body.

This means that activating and supporting the vagus nerve AFFECTS YOUR WHOLE BODY!

Key ways the vagus nerve is stimulated:


Singing with gusto


and...drum roll... essential oils!

I love essential oils for emotional support and using them this way has literally rocked my world. Essential oils are easily absorbed through the skin and can stimulate the vagus nerve's rest & digest response. To support your emotional healthy via the vagus nerve, use a drop of diluted essential oil behind the lobe of your ear and along the edge going upwards about an inch. (The easiest place to access the vagus nerve.) My favorites right now include Forgiveness, Let Go...Let God and Adrenal Support. Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD also suggests a mix of clove and lime!

Supporting the vagus nerve is thought to not only address short term problems but reset the stress response by improving vagus tone. (Cohen) This can work towards improving all areas of health!!!!!!!!!

Tell me if you don't feel a difference!



PS We all know the power of words and how positive frequency affects the body. It is of little surprise that singing would be associated with this instrumental nerve. Whether it is the activated by the movement of the mouth itself or the frequency of the tone, attitude, heart behind the music and song, I am not sure. But I sure wonder if negative words that are so known to also affect our health, are impacting the vagus nerve in a similar way. #candidthoughts

Various websites and articles have supported these beginning thoughts but the book "Healing with Essential Oils" by Jodi Sternoff Cohen, NTP has been one of my favorite EO books ever. She so encapsulates a lot of how I feel in an easy to read way.

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