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Energizing and Mood Lifting Blend

Essential Oil Spotlight:

Citrus Lift

What’s in it?

Lemon-energizing and relaxing, cleansing and detoxifying

Orange-energizing and revitalizing, promotes alertness and focus

Mandarin-stress relieving antioxidant

Grapefruit- helps promote healthy responses to feelings of anxiety

Tangerine-cleansing and detoxifying antioxidant

Ylang Ylang-anxiety relieving, antidepressant, calming

Lavender-calming, anti depressant, emotional balancing

Benefits of using Citrus Lift:

To energize and use as a mood lifter

Encourages a positive attitude

May promote focus and creativity

May help release feelings of anger and promote a renewed sense of confidence, healthy self-love, hope, joy and peace.

Favorite ways to use Citrus Lift:

Topical use to temples, wrists, back of neck, forehead. Add to bath. Is a wonderful addition to cleaning household surfaces.

Inhalation: Great diffuser blend for work, home and classroom!

Available: 15 ml $25

30ml $48

1/3oz Roll On Ready bottle $10

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