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Victory Over Infertility, Cysts, and PCOS

We are being asked more and more frequently about infertility, cysts, and PCOS. While we are not rich in our own experiential experience in this area directly, we have many customers who have been! A common thread of healing the gut (GAPS), liver cleansing and oil usage have helped many women overcome fertility issues. At the core of it all we (and these women) believe it is important that we have checked our hearts and asked YHWH (God) to show us anything there that He wants us to see. We don’t believe that every health concern is a result of stress or fear/insecurities (see Matthew). However, many times there is a conncection. I, for one, when honest with myself (and asking YHWH, God, to show me), have not experienced a health concern that wasn’t related to fear or insecurity in my heart. I KNOW in my head to trust Him but sometimes in my heart I am struggling with that truth on one level or another. He wants to heal us from the inside out!

Here is the testimony of one woman who is now pregnant for a second time since implementing these changes in her life. She struggled with painful cysts associated with PCOS.


Here is the regiment that I used. I included everything I did, not just the oil use. I started with the oils and diet only in April of 2013 . Within 2 weeks the pain from the cysts was almost non-existent. After a month I never noticed it again. That summer in June 2013 I began adding some of the other things I listed here like seeing the reflexologist, Iodine, and such. I was able to get pregnant in August! I did not end up doing the Dr. Clark liver cleanses, though I really wanted to. I think they would very much be beneficial to someone starting out. I plan to do them maybe next year after this baby is finished nursing

On a side note, I gave a bottle of Frankincense to my Aunt who has endometriosis and a large benign tumor in her uterus. She had already been working with a nutritionist and had been on an Iodine supplement for a year. She was still having pain from the tumor and very difficult cycles (she is nearing menopause, no children). After a month on the Frankincense, the only change she made, she had almost no pain at all. When she ran out she did not bother to get more, since the pain was no longer bothering her she didn't even think about it. After a few weeks she said she was walking up the stairs and suddenly a pain took her breath away. It scared her for a minute until she realized that it was the "usual" pain of the endometriosis and tumor. She had forgotten that her pain had been that bad almost all the time! She quickly called and I sent her several large bottles. After a week back on the Frankincense her pain was gone again. Now she tries to stay on it and not let it lapse. She does still have occasional pain but it is not as severe and usually only tied to her cycle time as opposed to all the time. She took the Frankincense internally same as I did. Anyway, let me know if there is any thing else you need from me. Only about 6 weeks left till baby arrives! The house is mostly ready and we are getting excited. I'll keep you posted!

Oils: 3-5 drops of Frankincense oil under the tongue 2x daily (morning and night)

* apply PCOS blend (I used 1 and 2 alternately) on vita flex points corresponding to ovaries and uterus on wrists and feet 2x daily (morning and night)

* I also saw a qualified reflexologist every other week (for 2 months until I found I was pregnant) and she applied the PCOS blend and worked it into the proper points on my feet and wrists each session.

Diet: * limit or eliminate commercial bread products, white flour, etc...

* limit or eliminate processed sugars

* increase intake of good fats like butter, coconut oil, eggs, etc...

* Eat as cleanly and naturally as possible in general (including good meats, veggies, ferments etc...) Supplements:

* take high quality cod liver oil, skate liver oil and butter oil daily (green pastures brand)

* increase vitamin C intake naturally via food or acerola tablets/powder (I read that this can aid in fertility. There is also an herbal formula from "Mountain Meadow Herbs" that recommends using a high amount of vitamin C with their "Fruitful Vine" formula. I did not do this but it may be a good option for someone).

* take high quality Iodine supplement (I used Iodoral). (The reason for this step was after reading Dr. Brownstein's book on Iodine deficiency today and the link between it and problems with the thyroid, breasts and ovaries. He showed how the lack of Iodine can often be the cause of cysts on these organs.)


* lots of walking in the sunshine

* prayer and personal reflection, giving it all over to the Lord (The most important step of ALL!)

Thanks for everything Danielle!


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