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How We Thrived During the Chicken Pox with Six Children

Chicken Pox is a highly contagious viral infection, the rash that appears after a 7-21 day incubation period, is made up of small blisters which may burst and scab over. The appearance of blisters may or may not be preceded or be accompanied by a fever. A fever can follow after the breakout. The spots generally start on the trunk of the body or in armpits, behind the ears or in the groin before spreading to the face and extremities. They can show up in the mouth and throat causing discomfort when swallowing.

Bed rest, lots of fluids especially if there is a fever and remedies to relieve and dry up the blisters should be encouraged.

Tea Tree is the number one recommendation for drying up the blisters.

Lavender is a of course great at soothing the itchiness. It may also reduce chances of scarring.

Relieve and Dry up blend 1:

10 drops tea tree

10 drops lavender

Add to 4 oz calamine lotion.

Or add to 4 oz witch hazel in a glass spray bottle.

Relief blend 2:

10 drops frankincense

5 drops myrrh

Add to 4 oz witch hazel in a glass spray bottle.

Alternate between the blends. Apply often.


You may add 5 drops of either blend or single oil to 1 cup of baking soda or Epsom salts before adding to a bath. Oatmeal has also been known to relieve itching. We suggest putting it in cheesecloth or a sock. The EO blends above can be added to the oatmeal bath as well.

Diffuse anti viral oils:


Tea Tree/Lavender

Plague Rescue

Homemade Geranium-Tea Tree, Peppermint- Tea Tree or Lavender-Rosewood soap would be of benefit.

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