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Summer Nemesis: Poison Ivy

Peppermint is hands down Adam’s go-to for poison ivy. We have been married for nearly sixteen years. Adam has always gotten poison ivy systematically. No matter where the first spot of the year appeared it soon showed up in areas all over his entire body. He has tried everything anyone has ever suggested to get rid of it to no avail. Every spring-fall was a test of perseverance as it stuck with him throughout the warm summer months and into the fall.

Three years ago Adam found relief by applying peppermint. To his surprise it alleviated the itching and began to dry it up. By the second summer he was pleased to have some weeks without poison ivy and the third summer, months. Peppermint not only alleviated the itch, dried up the poison ivy but has also strengthened his immune system.

The EO desk reference also suggests:

Melaleuca (tea tree) with lemongrass, frankincense, geranium or Purify.

Basil, Ravensara and Plague Rescue have also been known to help some individuals.

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