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The Cure for every Ailment

Benefits of using Frankincense:

Research shows it can rewrite dysfunctional cells. We use as an expectorant, immunostimulant, for bites, allergies, inflammation, stress, warts, respiratory infections...once "used to treat every conceivable ill known to man." Frankincense has been used on newborns in nearly every species after normal or traumatic births. It is grounding. On the flip side it can also bring closure to someone in transition as death knocks on their door, making it easier for the individual (or animal) and those caring for them. Frankincense appears to magnify and enhance the effects of other essential oils it is synergistically paired or layered with.

Ways to use Frankincense



  1. Cough suppressant- Dilute appropriately and rub down the throat and chest area. It can also improve lung function and easier breathing.

  2. Odd bumps- Funny but I have had several odd unexplainable bumps that have disappeared in a short time using frankincense.

  3. Plantar Fascitis is believed to be microscarring. Use daily on feet.Several people report having to use Frankincense up to 21 days before relief begins. Lavender, basil, Pain Rescue also have been used along with dietary changes.

  4. Thyroid Support-Use topically on location and vitaflex points.

  5. Skin health- Frankincense has a tightening effect on the skin. It is a perfect oil to add to night and day creams.

  6. Calming and Concentration- Frankincense can promote a sense of calmness and improve concentration.Apply to the temples and back of the neck.

  7. Mood booster/Grounding- Apply to wrists and back of neck.

  8. Frankincense paired well with Lavender and Myrrh to ease the itchiness of chicken pox for our children.

  9. Cancer- See specific protocol for the type of cancer. Consulting a professional aromatherapist or your natural doctor would be optimal.


  1. PCOS- Used by several folks we know to combat the PCOS pain, shrink cysts and even get pregnant!It is most often used in combination with our topical PCOS blend. See our blog post on PCOS.

  2. Thyroid-Use 1 drop under tongue several times a day.

AROMATIC: Suitable for diffusing and nasal inhalers.


  1. This oil can be grounding in labor.

  2. Umbilical cord site if necessary. (We believe in leaving this area alone unless needed. Dilute.


Frankincense has been used extensively for pets. Fish, horses, cattle, dogs, cats, birds and more have benefited. It can be applied topically to tumors, diffused, used in unscented cat litter, petting, raindrop therapy, etc. Generally speaking start with a very small amount (end of a toothpick) for cats and fish tanks. Increase as tolerated and/or needed.

Companion oils:

Blends that have frankincense:

Realign Rescue

Let Go…Let God

See Me Better

Soothe and Renew


Frankincense 15ml $30.00

Frankincense 30 ml $55.00

1/3 oz Roll On Ready bottle $10

Empty Roll On bottle: $2

Nasal Inhaler (empty) : $2

Frankincense comes in our starter kit!!

Essential Oil Starter Kit $

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