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Quick Tip #109 Upcycle old oil bottles

*Salvage empty oil bottles to create your own blends.

*Fill old bottles for using with your diffuser rather than attaching an entire new bottle. This is particularly useful if you order your oils in a 30 ml bottle. The diffuser hose will not usually make it to the bottom of a 30ml bottle but will a 15ml.

*Having a few empty bottles on hand allows you to share a portion of your favorite singles or blends with friends and family easily.

*Refill with desired oil and a carrier oil, making a diluted version that is ready to use.

*Use your empty bottles to divide oils into multiple sets for first aid kits for the car, at home, hiking pack, labor bag, and traveling. Small amounts of plain carrier oil can also be transported in this method as well. Leave the dropper part of the lid off of carrier oils as it can have residue of essential oils on it.

*Use completely clean and dry bottles to take small amounts of powdered people’s paste or activated charcoal in the above mentioned uses. Leave the dropper part of the lid off.

*Let your children use them as mini vases for the tiny wildflowers that they collect. Use acrylic paints to decorate the outside.

What are some ways you like to upcycle your oil bottles?

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