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Bacteria B Gone

Essential Oil Spotlight:

Bacteria B Gone

Benefits of using Bacteria B Gone:

This blend is made up of the top antibacterial oils.

Combats staph, Lyme’s Disease, and all things bacterial

What’s in Bacteria B Gone?

Clove, Geranium, Tea Tree, Rosewood, Niaouli, Oregano

Ways to use Bacteria B Gone


TOPICAL: Dilute appropriately. These oils are “hot”.

  1. We use it on tick bites after the tick has been removed. If it is a tick that went unnoticed we also use it along the spine and on the bottoms of the feet.

  2. Use diluted on staph infections.

  3. Roll On bottle prediluted is a great addition to your first aid kit!

AROMATIC: Suitable for diffusing.

  1. Some respiratory issues are bacterial.Diffuse this to kill the bad bacteria while supporting your system to be healthy on a cellular level!

DIETARY: These oils are suitable for consumption diluted. However, we advocate using oils internally only in appropriate cases and under the direction of your natural doctor or certified aromatherapist.


We have used this diluted for cows, cats and dogs to date. Most commonly it has been used to cleanse and clean puncture wounds, cuts and scrapes. We have pulled a wolf fly from a cat, leaving a wound that we treated with these oils and B&W salve. Diluted in a spray bottle is the most readily used form for our livestock and pets. We often alternate with Basic First Aid.

Companion oils:


Bacteria B Gone 15ml $15.00

Bacteria B Gone 30 ml $28.00

1/3 oz Roll On Ready bottle $10

Empty Roll On bottle: $2

Nasal Inhaler (empty) : $2

Bacteria B Gone comes in our starter kit!!

Essential Oil Starter Kit $

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