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Basic First Aid

Essential Oil Spotlight

Basic First Aid

Benefits of using Basic First Aid:

Antibacterial blend useful for cleaning and soothing cuts, scrapes, and minor wounds. This blend is a great Neosporin alternative.

Relieves itching from numerous bug bites and prevents bug bites from some pesky insects. Apply before entering wooded areas as a repellant.

What’s in Basic First Aid?

Eucalyptus Radiata, Patchouli, Lemongrass, Roman Chamomile

Ways to use Basic First Aid


Topical: Use diluted as needed. See suggestions below.

  1. Add to salve or lanolin to make a first aid ointment.

  2. Use on cuts, scrapes and wounds. Use diluted (spray bottle or roll on is wonderful for this) or add a couple drops to soapy water used to wash the wound.

  3. Apply diuted to prevent or soothe bug bites. Spray bottles and roll on bottles are great venues for this!

  4. Add to a spray bottle, diluted and use as a bug and tick repel spray.


Suitable for aromatic use although not our preferred way to utilize this blend that is most wonderful for topical use.

Dietary: Not formulated for dietary use.


Use as above under topical use. We have used this oil diluted in a spray bottle extensively for cows and horses. Suitable for dogs. Use sparingly with cats and highly diluted. It can be added to salves as well.

Companion oils:


Basic First Aid 15ml $20.00

Basic First Aid 30 ml $38.00

Basic First Aid Spray Bottle 2oz $20.00

1/3 oz Roll On Ready bottle $10

Empty Roll On bottle: $2

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