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Let's Review Bee and Wasp Stings

Blackberry and blueberry picking season is always a window for review on bee and wasp stings. We love to pick berries early in the morning but sometimes afternoons just tempt us with a desire for fresh berries and a quick swim in the creek. (It is so wonderful to have two chemical free public blueberry patches within fifteen minutes of our farm!)

Our afternoon berries, swimming and hiking adventures have us keeping a watchful eye for bees and wasps. We leave prepared and keep a stock of supplies at the house for such incidents of being stung. Although it does not happen often, with so many children, it is at least a yearly event. One of my children tends to swell up quite a bit. These are our tried and true suggestions to combat the venom promptly, reduce the inflammation and flush the system quickly.

We carry Lemon essential oil, Pain Rescue, and Emergen-C, in our first aid pack. Our first line of defense is to utilize Lemon or Pain Rescue in conjunction with a few masticated leaves of the common plantain “weed” found just about anywhere. An ice pack applied to the area as soon as possible and drinking copious amounts of water and vitamin c rich drinks as soon as they can be made available are of utmost importance for cleansing the system of the venom released.

Don’t have lemon essential oil? Try cutting a fresh lemon in half and applying it directly to the sting! Peppermint and Plague Rescue are also good anti inflammatory and immune boosting oils.

We recommend identifying with certainty plantain. It is a versatile and useful plant.

*Be on the alert for allergic reactions and take necessary measures if breathing difficulties arise. The above measures are your first defense but use your best judgement for follow up procedures.

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