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Congestion Rescue

Essential Oil Spotlight:

Congestion Rescue

Benefits of using Congestion Rescue:

Created for breaking up congestion and helping the body flush it out, this blend was formulated when our 4 month old had copious amounts of phlegmy sounding coughs. Using it regularly produced diapers full of phlegm to our delight! It was discovered after four weeks of treatment that we had been battling RSV unknowingly. By that point he was almost over it!

What’s in Congestion Rescue?

Rosemary, Lavender, Basil, Thyme, Cypress, Lemongrass

Ways to use Congestion Rescue



  1. Add to garlic salve or plain salve as a chest rub.

  2. Use diluted on chest, feet, back, vitaflex points for the lungs.

AROMATIC: This is our preferred way to use Congestion Rescue. We tent our little ones while napping or for a special movie time. With nursing babes, we have sat in the tent with them and nursed, read books, etc. 10-45 minutes at a time depending on the severity of the case and the age of the child. We have been known to alternate Congestion Rescue in the diffuser with Respiratory Rescue and/or Lung Restore. Garlic salve and respiratory salve are super important tools we utilize in conjunction with diffusing.


We have not used Congestion Rescue with animals to date.

Companion oils: Respiratory Rescue, Lung Restore, Birch, Basil, Lavender, Pine. Also consider Garlic Salve (a quick DIY) and Respiratory Salve.


Congestion Rescue 15ml $20.00

Congestion Rescue 30 ml $38.00

1/3 oz Roll On Ready bottle $10

Empty Roll On bottle: $2

Nasal Inhaler (empty) : $2

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