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All Things Frankincense

Frankincense is an amazing tree. It perseveres through some arduous climates and conditions to thrive against all odds. Many believe this contributes to it's grounding and versatile therapeutic qualities. Frankincense was highly prized in biblical times and once touted to be "the cure for every ailment".

Now you can benefit from using Frankincense in multiple forms! Besides our very popular Frankincense boswellia carterri and boswellia freanea essential oils, we are pleased to offer you Frankincense sacra resin and Frankincense carterri hydrosol.

We have created a lovely gift pack, starter pack or travel pack featuring these three wonderful frankincense resources. It consists of 1oz atomizer of Frankincense hydrolate, 1oz Frankincense resin, and 5ml of Frankincense Essential Oil (freanea or carterri, our choice).

All Things Frankincense Starter Pack 25.00~in a sweet and simple linen bag

Frankincense Hydrolate~8.00 1oz~14.00 20z~28.00 4oz

Frankincense Sacra Resin~ 6.00 1oz~10.00 2oz~18.00 40z

Frankincense Essential Oil, Boswellia Freanea or Carterri~ 30.00 15ml~55.00 30ml

(10.2016 price)

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