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Headache Relief

Do you struggle with tension headaches and sore neck/shoulders? Headaches are miserable!!! Migraines are worse!!! Magnesium deficiency, sugar imbalances, inflammation, diet changes, stress, needing spinal manipulation are all underlying causes of headaches. To assist healing on a cellular level AND giving physical release, these are two of our favorite oil blends.

Dubbed “chiropractor in a bottle”, Realign pairs w InflaEase to assist just the way they say!

Frankincense graces both of these blends and has been studied extensively for it's anti inflammatory and pain relieving attributes. Copabia has been in the spotlight a lot lately as it contains caryophyllene. This is a constituent of CBD oils as well and is highly anti inflammatory and pain relieving. It pairs extremely well with Frankincense and some believe that it helps enhance the action of other essential oils. Ginger and Myrrh round out this blend with additional anti inflammatory, cellular healing power.

Realign's foundation may be frankincense but it does not end there. Blue Tansy is known to invoke a sense of calm and relaxation. It has a unique component called chamazulene that is anti inflammatory can reduce pain and comfort associated with inflammation. Spruce, Rosewood and Frankincense are all emotionally grounding essential oils that helps us find inner strength and focus in times of need. Emotional alignment can effect our physical alignment and physical alignment can affect our emotional alignment.

Try them if you can’t get to your chiro! Even better use them before and after the chiropractor...and/or massage therapist! These oils boast to improve body work and help adjustments “stick” longer. This is esp important when overcoming a more chronic issue. Headaches and tension can stem from several root causes but inflammation is at the heart of them all! Layer these oils w body work and the benefits physically, emotionally and mentally will rock your world!

Available in ready to use roll ons or full strength to dilute yourself!

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