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Fearless: Inhalation and Essential Oils

Why inhale essential oils? #1 Four out of your five senses are hardwired from your intellect to the emotional center in your brain. But your sense of smell is hardwired from your emotions to your intellect. Translation? Essential oils can help unlock stored emotions that need to be processed via inhalation. Essential oils offer support and a sense of courage to feel those emotions and heal from them. Processing is a choice. Essential oils can help! Citrus Lift, Forgiveness, Acceptance, Let Go...Let God, Thrive and Peace & Tranquility, Keep Me CALM are all great emotional support blends. #2 If you are experiencing a respiratory issue, treat essential oils like a natural breathing treatment. Historically essential oils have been used to combat bacterial and viral issues and some oils boast that they may strengthen the lungs. Great blends include Lung Restore, Respiratory Rescue, Lung Clarity & Allergy Relief.

#3 Increase mental focus and creativity. Studies have shown that diffusing some oils improve test taking and studying. A great blend is FOCUS and singles include cedarwood, rosemary and lemon essential oils.

#4 Some essential oils have been known to cross the blood brain barrier and help disease such as Alzheimers and brain trauma. Citrus Lift, Lavender, Frankincense and FOCUS are all good oils to consider.

Three ways to use essential oils via inhalation: *You can add a drop to the palm of your hand, rub your hands together counter clockwise several times then cup your hand over your nose and breath in deeply. *You can use a diffuser. *You can carry an easy to use nasal inhaler in your pocket to use throughout the day.

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