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4 FREE Super Health Boosts

Simple health care does not have to be expensive. There are several things you can do to live a healthier, happier life.

We were meant to generate vitamin D from the sun! Vitamin D is ESSENTIAL to healthy bones, your immune system and to prevent mood disorders. Skip super baking the chemicals into your skin and find balance in being outdoors. A free app like "D minder" allows you to plug in your skin type, know angle of the sun, whether it is a good time of day to generate D and how long you should be out to do so. For prolonged time in the sun, apply natural sun protectant (like Sun Kissed Skin) often, wear a brimmed hat, drink plenty of water and wear appropriate clothing.

Hydration is a must for your entire body! Determine how much to drink by taking your body weight and dividing it in half. Drink this amount in ounces every day. Be aware that if you drink coffee, one glass of water negates the coffee and does not count for the total daily water needs. Getting water in can be easy if you pace yourself. Add fresh lemon, a sprig of peppermint or hydrosols to make it tastier if necessary. Try to drink it as close to room temperature as possible.

Grounding is being in contact with the earth, some part of your skin and the water, soil or sand. When was the last time you were barefoot? The idea is that you build up positive ions in your body that are released when you come into the mildly negative charge of the earth. (Is Physics coming back to you?) It can reduce stress, inflammation and improve sleep and mood. There are healthy microbiome that is also passed on through the skin. Some people theorize that this may impact gut health.

And the best for last, prayer and meditation. Developing a prayer life is so essential to a strong relationship. (What if your spouse never spoke with you?) It is a time to be mindful of where you are in life, to reflect, to speak it out, to lean in and ask for His grace to be enough. It is a time to just be and soak in His presence and love and be full. The verse, abide in Me and I will abide in you comes to mind. BONUS: We use memorized scripture to fall asleep to. Instead of counting sheep, we repeat our verse until we fall asleep. What you go to bed thinking about, you will often wake up to.

Self care is at the base of all of these. Ditch the calm app and get back to the basics. You will be MORE productive if you take time to take care of yourself! Taking care of you helps you take care of the ones you love!!!

Grab a book and a chair and you can accomplish all of these at once.

BONUS: Read to your children and you have the benefit of cuddling up and having some 1:1 time as well!

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