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Measles: Powerless or Prepared?

These highlights from Dr Sears about the measles are very thought provoking (link below for the full article):

"What makes measles so scary? What is it about measles that spreads fear and dread through our population?" ....One..."There is no anti-viral medication that will help, so we just have to stand by as the disease runs its course. We are powerless, and that creates fear...If you understand measles, you wouldn't fear it. Respect it. Yes. Take appropriate precautions with it. But don't let anyone tell you you should live in fear of it. Let's handle it calmly and without fear or blame.

I say, let's not feel powerless...let's be prepared.

I DO see this same fear of the unknown about chicken pox and whooping cough yet it is easier to treat if you know how. We watch our Amish community skate through both regularly, without complications. We learned from them, added our own protocol and have safely endured them both. (I do NOT mean to minimize those who have had complications. They do occur. Let's be candid on how to get through them the best we can and reduce complications!) Measles is not something I have ever encountered but I want to feel prepared. Preparation and knowledge can eliminate fear.

I will have essential oils, herbs and alternatives on hand to deal with the symptoms of measles.

Symptoms: - Begins with cold-like symptoms such as runny, cough, fever, listlessness - Red spots with white centers on the tissue lining the inside of the mouth - Itchy rash appears 2-4 day after the spots in the mouth. The rash is red or reddish brown and may be blotchy. The rash may first show up on the forehead, and then the rash spreads downward over the face, neck and torso to the feet. - Eyes red, sore and sensitive to bright light - Flu-like symptoms - Respiratory difficulties - May have abdominal pains, vomiting or diarrhea - Fever

Complications can include (in order of most common)



-encephalitis (rare in well nourished people...thus the vitamin A supplement, see below)

My arsenal:

*For respiratory issues I will have Congestion Rescue, Lung Restore and Respiratory Rescue for diffusing. As with any respiratory issues, think natural breathing treatments. Lung Restore and Lung Clarity are both good choices that may strengthen the function of the lungs. Lung Restore contains highly anti viral essential oils. Diffusing not only may help treat the person who is sick but may possibly help keep it from spreading by killing germs in the air.

*To boost the immune system, I keep Plague Rescue ready to be diffused and for topical use diluted.

*For increased fever safety and any loss of fluids, I will have my stand by special hydration popscicles and drinks ready. I will make jello with beef gelatin and juice, maybe even keifer water or kombucha for extra probiotics! I will vigilantly know and watch for any signs of dehydration and be in contact with my pediatrician should I notice them.

*I will use Plague Rescue or Lung Restore in my DIY natural cleaning solutions to clean surfaces, counters and door knobs, etc.

*I will have healthy stocks and broths on hand to nourish the body but go down easy.

*This topical blend comes highly recommended for relieving the itchies:

Measles Essential Oil Blend from Purchon/Cantele 34 drops Lavender 17 drops Geranium 17 drops Rosemary 17 drops Tea Tree

(You can DIY or you can purchase it ready made from us!)

Use diluted in a carrier oil or in an old fashioned good old oatmeal bath.

*Hydrotherapy and Earache Rescue are my earache solutions. Hydrotherapy is simply alternating a very very warm compress for three minutes with a tap water very cold compress for thirty seconds, three times. This is my #1 go to!!! The first time I implemented this tip from a chiropractor, the first compress brought tears because the ear was so sore. But as soon as the cold hit, the relief began. By the end of three cycles we were all seeing a huge difference! Now my children, in the rare instance the get earaches, are quick to want to embrace hydrotherapy! The Earache Rescue blend is never dropped directly into the ear. We put several drops on a cotton ball and place it gently just inside the ear. It is calming, anti inflammatory and infection fighting. TIP: ALWAYS treat BOTH ears regardless if they both are in pain.

*Severe Vitamin A deficiency leads to many of the measles complications including encephalitis. While in our modern society this is not common and I am certainly not expecting it in my children, I have a vitamin A supplement ready to give them a boost if the measles comes our way. According to pubmed "Vitamin A deficiency is a recognised risk factor for severe measles. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends administration of an oral dose of 200,000 IU (or 100,000 IU in infants) of vitamin A per day for two days to children with measles in areas where vitamin A deficiency may be present."

*We will encourage plenty of rest, plenty of hydration and quarantine until the sickness is past.

TO RECAP: Respiratory issues: Lung Restore, Respiratory Rescue, Congestion Rescue and/or Lung Clarity

Hydration: Homemade Popsicles, jello, broths/stocks, kombucha and water keifer

Earaches: Hydrotherapy and Earache Rescue

Immune system support: All of the above plus Plague Rescue

Topical relief: Measles blend above and oatmeal baths

Vitamin A supplementation to reduce complications

Have you ever had measles? How have you handled it?

You can read Dr Sears entire article here:

The essential oils, herbs and alternatives above all are based on their historical use. This articles is not meant to take the place of a qualified physician. It is not meant to give medical advice. This is our plan, do your research! These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not meant to cure, diagnose or treat any disease or illness.

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