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What Makes Essential Oils So Effective to Fight the FLU?

With each passing flu season even doctors and pediatricians are increasingly recommending traditional remedies to support the immune system. Essential oils are finding their way on this list more and more often. A handful have demonstrated the ability to continually kill influenza viruses and manage flu like symptoms in an increasing number of studies. Unlike mainstream remedies, QUALITY plant based remedies strengthen & support the immune system rather than just suppress or mask symptoms.

The top five essential oils for the flu include:

According to the Essence Journal EUCALYPTUS oil can kill the flu virus after just ten minutes. It is also used to open the nasal passages and break up congestion.

In the same study, CINNAMON also eliminated the flu virus.

According to Atlantic Magazine, CLOVE oil could replace antibiotics in the near future since no bacteria, virus or fungus has been known to survive when put up against this powerful anti bacterial oil. (Did you know clove is part of the Bacteria B Gone blend, full of oils that have been known to kill harmful strains of bacteria including e.Coli, strep and salmonella?)

ROSEMARY also has been known to help support immune function and contains anti oxidants.

LEMON is found in many blends to support mood and improve immune cell function. It is also known to help open up breathing passages.

The link below cited that "Essential oils work by neutralizing harmful airborne particles. A study from France shows that the 5 essential oils above killed an impressive 206 out of 210 colonies of harmful microbes, including the highly-contagious H1N1 influenza strains." Did you know that all of these oils are in our Plague Rescue blend??

How to use Plague Rescue:

*Diffuse it (not diluted)

*Dilute it and use topically on the feet, thymus and over the adrenals.

*Use in cleaning supplies. 50:50 Vinegar & Water with Plague Rescue is SUPER for disinfecting surfaces.

*DIY Hand Sanitizer

1. Mix all essential oils together in a dark glass bottle.

2. The essential oils in this blend are very strong. Diluting them before use is not only appropriate but makes them more effective. 6-12 drops per ounce of carrier oil is 1-2% and the normal dilution rate for this blend.

No time to DIY? You can order here:

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