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Our Viral Defenses

Whether you are thinking about the flu or the coronavirus, viral issues are in season unfortunately. But we can be prepared instead of paralyzed by fear. While we are constantly getting updated information about the coronavirus, the way we address viral issues in general is the same. Here are some key things to help improve your immune system:​
*Learn to manage stress well. Journal, pray, go for walks. Learn to forgive.
*Get outdoors. Walk barefoot (grounding) and enjoy the sun. According to Dr Mercola vitamin D is very effective against the flu. People with lower levels of vitamin D tend to more easily get a virus. Use the free D minder app to know how to be sun safe and what time of day is best for generating vitamin D. Fermented cod liver oil is a good source of vitamin D. Further supplementation should be done after having your levels checked.
*Eat healthy. Add fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet. Eliminate processed foods especially sugar! Eat fermented foods, enjoy soups with bone broth, add fresh garlic to salad dressing, etc. Add good fats to your diet including avocados, butter and coconut oil.
*Improve magnesium levels. Magnesium is critical to the immune function, adrenal function, managing stress and more. Use magnesium oil in a spray bottle for topical use, take epsom salt baths.
*Avoid touching your eyes, face, nose, ears with unwashed hands. Practice good hand washing techniques. Avoid anti bacterial soaps that destroy the healthy micrombiome on your skin. Add anti bacterial essential oils to your hand soaps and DIY hand sanitizers that will further eliminate germs without destroying the healthy protection your skin offers.
*Vitamin C has been lauded by many to kill viruses. Fermented foods with a cabbage base is especially loaded with bioavailable increased amounts of vitamin C. Dietary vitamin C is considered the best way to increase the levels in breast milk. Consider supplements as needed.
*Get adequate sleep. Avoid using your phone and computer before bed. Use essential oils and CBD to facilitate better sleep.
*Utilize essential oils and herbs to eliminate viral issues. Jimm Harrison explains how essential oils work like this:
"Viruses replicate by using host cells in the body, which is listed in stages from adsorption (connection to the cell), replication, to shedding (the release of viral progeny to find new host cells). The virus may also “hide” or become non-active, to avoid the body’s defenses, called the latency stage." Jimm goes on to say that most studies point towards essential oils being used best proactively before adsorption. We have found our best defenses in all of these protocols to be proactive but also effective to ward off or more quickly eliminate an illness once it has hit.
He suggests the following protocol:
1. Diffuse oils throughout the day in your home and work space. (10 minutes on, 20 minutes off)
2. Massage an antiviral essential oil formula over the whole body twice a day.
3. Take oils in a capsule twice a day, one or two drops, diluted. (We only recommend this with quality essential oils and a the guidance of a natural doctor.)

We also use essential oils in our nasal inhalers, diffuser jewelry, in an epsom salt bath, cleaning supplies (vinegar, essential oils and water in a spray bottle). You could also put a few drops on a face mask (like painters use) or on a handkerchief. Switch between a couple blends to give the optimal protection. Viral strains react to different essential oils according to their make up. Alternating is the best way to be proactive or to see which one is appropriate to use once facing a viral issue. PICK A WAY and BE CONSISTENT. This is a list of ideas that is not exhaustive. We tend to choose and switch up between these blends:

Lung Restore Lung Clarity Respiratory Rescue Congestion Rescue Thrive Plague Rescue Bacteria B Gone (top anti bacterial oils but also good for viruses) Infla Ease And these singles: Lavender & Basil with Thyme Oregano Frankincense Tea Tree Clove The Coronavirus presents pneumonia-like symptoms, making it difficult to breathe. For respiratory issues, my favorite blends are Respiratory Rescue (like RC) and Lung Restore (like Raven). For children I would consider Congestion Rescue or a Basil-Lavender mix. This combination is a power house to break up congestion and help the body expel it. It was our #1 go to when we battled RSV in our four month old nearly six years ago.

Elderberry Syrup, Super Elderberry Syrup and Super Immune Support are our top herbal blends to support the immune system. We add nine of the top ten natural antibiotics to our Super Elderberry Syrup! See our preparedness pack bundles here:

PS This protocol may also help some people who struggle with allergies! I can't not say enough about being proactive.

*This information is not meant to cure, diagnose or treat any illness. It is not meant to replace the advice of your qualified doctor or natural practitioner. The FDA has not evaluated any of these statements. We live in an age where research abounds and we think it is our privelage to be able to do so. I have found that returning to the foundational, historical real food, real herb ways are what work best for our family. May you be blessed and spurred on to do your own research and grow healthier!

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