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Around and Around We Ruminate

Feeling just full of joy strength, I returned home and within a short time felt trigger after trigger try to chip away at it. I felt it. I prayed about it. I went to bed.

I woke up early and started inadvertently ruminating over the events. Have you ever done that? Sometimes there is more processing that needs done.

But this morning with an inward groan I cried out again to Jesus. I dont want to lose this closeness I've gained with You, the surrender and peace I have moved into.

And I heard. Stop ruminating. Run to Me.

Focus on Me. You already felt it, moved through it, pressed in. You have already repented of your part, forgiven the other part. I have already spoken.

Just rest in Me.

And I just want to remind you of this. Rest in Me He says over and over. It isn't do more, be enough, prove anything, do pentance. It is rest in Me. He gives grace to the humble and we go from strength to strength.

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