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Did That Convo Make You Internally Struggle?

Some convos can leave you struggling internally and even tempting you to question who you are. Is another person's words that powerful? Yes, all words are powerful. The power of life and death is in the tongue. But what you tell yourself about those words and choose to believe trumps all. Just rejecting them without receiving truth, without a filling of positive isn't always enough.

Last night I had to pause and digest a list of triggers from such a convo. I was already travel weary from an epic awesome trip w my children to Chicago! Feeling tired plays with your mind too.

Defending against triggers, saying who I really am as a mantra has a place but today there was something more. Ive wrestled w these arguments already, explored the wounds and God has given me rhemas and started a healing process with these in particular. The need to hash them out mentally when I've done that work felt... like they were trying to trap me again in confusion and uncertainty.

Perfect love casts out fear and today I decided that is where I needed to press in. Inward to just resting in the rhema, pushing aside the defensiveness and pressing into His presence. Love. Rest.

So RUN TO His PRESENCE that dispels all fear in the soaking of His love and you pouring your love out on Him. Always there. Never rejecting you. This is where I'm finding peace today. Im staying on task but resting HERE and soaking in Him every chance I get. 

Photo credit: Hadassah

Lake Michigan, Chicago, IL

A bike ride with my adventurous girl! ❤

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