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Do You Feel Behind?

"I am so behind," my 12 year old protested with a sense of controlled frustration during her spelling assignment. I took a deep breath.

"You are not behind." I assured her simply. I continue on with giving her the next word on the list. Children learn to say and read words before they spell them. I am amazed at the start of each year when I test out the children how far they jump ahead just because of their copious amounts of reading over the summer. This spelling program gives a list and we work on only what is missed. This is the first time she has had to be accountable for how to spell them outside of writing projects. Two words later and she missed the next word.

Her patience is thin and she proclaims with more certainty, "I AM behind!!!!"

Contrary to the truth I just said.

A mistake does not define who you are or where you are in life. Are you believing an untruth (that feels validated because you are using what appears to be evidence to support it) about who you are that is contrary to who God says you are? You can choose to use your imperfections and mistakes to define you, intimidate you, cause you to feel paralyzed or you can see them as part of your story. This life is a journey. Growth comes from admitting failures and ignorance and then choosing to learn, grow and move forward. You are only going to be behind where your potential could take you if you stop prematurely.

Don't expect perfection. Work on what surfaces as it comes up. Receive grace. Grow! Thrive! Win!

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