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Don't Miss Your Miracle

For 400 years the children of Israel cried out for a miracle, cried out for freedom from their oppressors. Even after all the plagues and miracles it took to be released from Egypt, they complained at the edge of the Red Sea. If they had turned back, they would have missed the miracle. You can not expect a miracle AND purposefully walk contrary to God's path. You have to choose to stand on what the Word says, what He says and who you are. Feels too hard? You can do all things THROUGH Christ who strengthens you. Feels too hopeless? May the God of ALL hope fill you with joy and peace in believing that you may ABOUND in hope by the POWER of the Holy Spirit. Feels like you are a failure? There is no condemnation in Christ. You shall stand against the accusations of the enemy. (This is different than taking responsibility with the one you've offended or living under the weight of it.) Feels like you can never be good enough or measure up? Who's standard are you measuring yourself against? Nothing can separate you from the love of Christ. He never betrays, never rejects, never abandons you. People are people. Forgiveness and grace is for people. God can not sin against you. How much of the process is to work out of you old slavery mindset, coping patterns, natural fleshly responses and the lies of the enemy? Hace you cried out, "How long. O God??" So did David in the Psalms. I dont know how long the process will take. I do know the release is in continually pressing in. (See the post, "Suddenly".) If you feel this way today, I hear you. I am feeling that with you. I have been on both sides of the Red Sea. If you are in Christ, you know (or need to know) we are all working out a slavery mindset and replacing it with freedom living. It is a lifelong journey but you should be gaining ground as you go. This season will build on the next.... and the next... as you grow in grace and know the abundance of His love. I don't always feel it in the midst of the intense struggle but when I look backwards and recall the absolute faithfulness of Him to m

e in the past impossible situations I'm assured He will be faithful again. I heard a speaker say once that most of the children of Israel asked the wrong questions when facing hard things. They should have been asking these 2 key questions: What does God want to show me about who He is in this situation? Who does He say I am to Him in this instance? Ask yourself the right questions. Be real, acknowledge and deal with the wrong questions. It is hard, I know! Choose to renew your mind with the truth, not based on how you feel. Determine to do this proactively. Stand firm... Don't miss your miracle. #renewyourmind #mindsetmatters #lchaimmommy #reminderformyself #iammakingthischoice

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