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Exceedingly Abundantly...Legos?

I have very creative children and a son who has to have hands on things to do to even sleep good at night. It has been a gift this summer to do things with them all Ive wanted to do do for 5 years. It has been character building to hear no or can't. I'm grateful for the character growth. But I'm extremely humbled by God's "yes", "yes" and "yes" this summer inspite of all the hard things we have endured.

The adventures have been priceless but he has missed his favorite toy in the downtime... legos. This week I started praying for a small collection to travel with. Just the other day searching at a thrift store for shoes he needs...and not finding any... he looked at a bag of pricey legos I had to say no to. But a no one day might be a yes the next. And searching for shoes at a church yard sale I found the pair I've been looking for him all summer (no laces!!) I also found a steal on legos!

I took his little face in my hands after watching him build for an hour. I told him these legos are a gift from God Himself. He smiled so.big. (Really, I thrift a lot and this week is the first time I've ever seen legos!) I emphasized that God loves him so much He loves to give us thongs just because we are special to Him... things He knows will delight in us. His smile grew bigger.

Im learning this....struggle with it often...I wanted my little son to know this now. Maybe he will grow up not doubting it as much as I have. Maybe he won't be afraid to ask Him anything and also learn contentment to wait. Yesterday's no may be today's yes. He wants to do exceedingly, abundantly more than we can think or ask.

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