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God is Good at Your Puzzle

I'm not good at puzzles. Here is all my processing, all my rawness, so much clarity and rhemas confirming rhemas... and like the words I poured out on the pages in emotional brokeness and pieces, so too are the physical tangible parts of it now in pieces. It was my mistake to leave it out. And.... I wasn't finished... and I wanted to look back and digest some more, bask in the clarity. A forced pause just as I was going back for more. And I dont know if I can put these pages back together. I'm not good at puzzles. My puzzle people aren't here. The people in my life who are good at puzzles. I pretend I'm doing them just because I LIKE to be with THEM and not necessarily bc I enjoy puzzles. I like watching them work puzzles and are always in a bit of a state of awe at their expertise. But if I wait for a puzzle person to appear... assuming they may or may not even want the challenge... I'll lose the clarity and the memory of what words go with what interspersed with hints of underlining and slanted writing. I have to do it...alone. But I'm not alone. He promises to never leave me or forsake me even when all that is tangible is shattered and looks like it is in pieces. And He doesn't even need these pieces to put it all back together and give me MORE than what I began with... Think feeding the 5000. Think end of slavery and a feast in the land you didn't plant or plow. Think Lazarus. I am glad I don't have to be good at putting shattered pieces back together. He will put the pieces back they were meant to be in His original design. Sometimes that looks like letting go.

Sometimes that looks like forward momentum into unknown territory.

Sometimes that looks like taking a deep breath and knowing He is going to direct which piece goes where. Obedience. Standing. Letting go. Surrender. Moving forward. #puppylife #ididntknow #notmypuppy #shouldhaveknownbetter #lchaimmommy

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