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How Teachable Are You?

Every school season I start a new math book with each of my children. They are all different ages and have different books. At the end of each year they have to pass the final test before going to the next level.

What if this year I decided to take that brand new text book and skip all the way to the final test? I could tell them we are going to skip all the work but you have to pass this end of the year test. You HAVE to pass.

At first my children might think this is exciting! One test and that is all?!?! But can you imagine their faces as they are starting to move through the test and feel completely at a loss?

You see, each lesson is meant to build on the last. Sometimes they get frustrated at their mistakes and having to repeat the work. I have explained countless times to a couple of them that if they knew it all they wouldn't need to learn it. I'm here to teach them!

Often I get frustrated in seasons of intensity. Do you? Do you ever hit a wall and feel unable to figure out the next step? Does this season look like a list of paradoxes between what you are experiencing and what you have hope for? Do you ever wish you could skip to the end?

Each hurdle is like a new lesson you might wish you could sometimes skip...but one builds upon the next. You need each foundation to negotiate through coming level.

And the Holy Spirit whispers, "I'm here to teach you..."

Remember that whisper and speak it to your heart.

Photo credit: Hadassah

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