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How to evaluate what you need

We use essential oils, herbs and other natural alternatives to address a wide range of every day and sometimes unusual circumstances. Where we are and what we have available varies. We may be at home, at a friend's, in public, enjoying the outdoors or abroad. While we have our core resources we like to always have on hand, it is simply not possible to think we will have them in every given instance. We believe that each person must learn to be prepared but also needs to be adaptable to think outside of the box if necessary. Being prepared means to have an appropriate kit (car kit, home kit, travel kit, hiking kit, natural medicine cabinet) in the appropriate place and knowing how to use it. Having basic life skill courses such as CPR/AED, Basic First Aid and survival courses are absolutely beneficial. The basic skills you learn in these courses only enhances your ability to apply natural first aid and care because you will have a great understanding of why and what is an emergency. These core questions help us streamline our approach.

  1. What is happening? What are the surface issues/symptoms that need addressed? What are the first priorities?

  2. What essential oils, herbs, plants, bandages, etc address the priorities?

  3. What do I have on hand? What can I gather in the vicinity?

  4. How will I apply what I need in this instance?

  5. Long term- Now that the symptoms and immediate needs have been addressed, is there a root cause that needs attention? How do I need to address these holistically for a deeper level of healing? What other resources should I consider?


You get stung by a bee while outside gardening. First you might use the straight edge of a non sharp rock to scrap off the stinger (never pull them.) You might find plantain close by, chew it up and apply it. You may not find anything useful and need to head indoors to find other options. Tea tree and baking soda are two favorites in our home. Going inside you may also follow up with ice. This may be all you need. If you experience swelling or an allergic reaction you may need further remedies (homeopathics, epi pen, etc) or professional attention.

Learn the basics of care. Learn to think. Learn what is available. Stay calm. Know when to call in an emergency. Mindset matters.

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