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Humility When You are Being Targeted

Being the target of someone's hatred can create in you feelings of deep shame. When it is their own filter that takes partial truths and weaves them together with decades of their own hurts and triggers it can be a weight that becomes very heavy. Often this is a trigger for you for a deeper healing that is exposed in your life as well.

I've been studying David and Saul. David lived in the king's household and next to Saul's son Jonathan, was his most loyal subject. But because of Saul's pride and unrepentant heart with the Father it gave place to jealousy and then hatred of David. He hated him so much he put him in positions to hope he would die. When that didn't work he escalated to flat out pursuing him and trying to kill him. This is what unforgiveness, anger and hatred will resort to if left unchecked.

Over and over the Word says that David behaved wisely, sought YHWH and prospered. David did NOT do this perfectly. Sometimes he took measures without consulting YHWH BUT he was quick to turn back and repent.

Humility. This is key. Humility was the difference in David walking in his anointing and establishing a legacy vs Saul losing his calling and drowning in hatred. Forced into humble situations to learn humility and choosing humility were both realities for David. His humility to cast his burden to the Father, feeling the real and raw emotion as a human of how utterly hard it is to run for his life from the one who was supposed to be his protector as king. David expressed a lot of despair in the Psalms but as he poured his heart out to the Father he could then be comforted by the Father. In that perfect love He could find courage and grace to walk in obedience and make wise decisions.

May you do so also. May you also not allow shame to become your identity or intimidation keep you from walking forward into your calling. May you press into who He is and who He says you are!

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