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A long suffering God means that you and I may have to have strength and love (Phillipians 4:13 & 1 Corinthians 13) that is not our own to bear through, wait on and hold space while God works on someone else. This is a demonstration of true love. But in His way it also works on you... on me.

Will you keep your eyes on Jesus? Will you allow Him to build your character and faith? Waiting sifts you. Waiting can make you uncomfortable. Waiting makes you face your fears.

You're not helpless or hopeless in the waiting. There is obedience and grace for each day, each moment. Developing a prayer life, learning to fast, praise, dance, stand, let go, contend all have a place in forward momentum in the waiting. Learn to hear Him. Press into Him and His love for you. Get into that secret place. (Psalms 91)

So will you and I contend uselessly or purposefully? Will you contend in your strength for your purpose of comfort or His plan in His strength that is exceedingly abundantly more than you can think or ask?

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