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Longing for a Rhema...???

There are days where the Word comes alive and rhema after rhema becomes a feast to the soul. Who else lives for those moments?? A rhema word is a promise. It gives hope. Who loves to feel hope?

But in between there may be a pause. And if you are not careful you may begin to feel disgruntled in the silence. You may feel the pangs of loneliness, question rejection and flirt with feeling the One who was just your sustenance. The struggle with hoplessness returns and it is not a welcome companion.

There are different things in this silence to embrace. I can't answer all of that for you because our walk with God isn't a checklist, it is a relationship. Relationships are personal.

But I know the pause in between is normal. Rhema words are tested. Will you choose to tenaciously hold onto the promise even if it doesn't look like it is possible? What if it begins to look more and more impossible?

One thing I can say with certainty is in the in between, rehearse your rhemas. While waiting for another wave of hope, find strength in choosing to believe what has been already said. The truth doesn't get it's deep roots because of one hopeful moment. It becomes internally grafted into who you are when you wrestle with it and choose to hold on when you'd like to give up.

Meditate on your rhemas when you rise and as you fall asleep. Post them on your walls. Pray them back to the Father and stand in agreement with Him.

You got a rhema in a raw desperate moment. You felt the difficulty, you were real and present enough to pour out your need. Now slay the lie (the enemy wants you to believe) and heal from the hurt by out truthing it with not what feels true but IS true.

Your identity is not what you've done or what has been done to you. The outcome of your days and your purpose is not thwarted by mistakes and imperfections. Your hope is in Him.

2 Corinthians 10:3-6

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