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All of our TN peeps have been posting epic amounts of snow while we've been sitting in very cold, dry Ohio. Today we got our farewell dump of white fluff. It feels fitting. We arrived and received an unusual early snow. One day of play to wish us on our way.

Being here wasn't in my plan but in His. Maybe looking back I'll see the big picture and all of His reasons.

For now it was enough to obey Him, as difficult as it was to do in the moment and yet I see glimpses of a silver lining. I saw family more in the past 3 months than I've seen in 10 years just because of the distance between us. My dad made wood come to life in his shop at the request of young imaginations...just the way I've always told the children he could. He didn't disappoint them. My mom, my aunts, it was a blessing to meet at the pool, share meals, and stop in for a quick hello. It's been a joy to hear them laugh over game playing...and Aunt Becky may have had some children rolling over silly drawings.. I'll never forget Sir Troy's with Nane with Jonathan's lego vision or her gentle questions and ability to cry with me. And my grandma. I never know when I'll see her again (anyone really) but CV the past couple of years and not being able to was somewhat traumatic. I feel I made up for lost time. We were there enough our last visit she was remembering Jonathan's name (and age he proudly repeated since his bday). I will miss singing our farewell song with her and hearing her sing with us.

I made a new friend in a divine meeting by a swimming pool who is covering me w prayer from random tears that overflowed at her pointed perusal and without knowing my story. Feels significant. We did volunteer work here at Hannah's insistence when we arrived and again I was blessed. Elaine will move back some day to TN🙃and we will be happy to see her. I've learned a new technique to tap my head thanks to you. We will miss you all at Sherrick Church and Canton Free Store. What beautiful resources and we were blessed to help you both. There are so many important people I didn't see. So many I have missed seeing. Please forgive me as each day came with it's own hurdles to guide these precious souls.

Thank you for all of your prayers as we transition back. We are eager and laying down a bit of anxiety at the Cross. We didn't want to leave but aren't sure what it will be like when we return. He is ordering our every step and we are continually looking to Him for each. It's not a perfect walk but it's a grace filled walk. I'm grateful for inner circle counsel, accountability, encouragement and returning to a home that will be mine. A place to move thru messy moments but stay grounded. A place to fill with worship and every means of spiritual warfare as that is where my real battle is.

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