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Is Your Pain a Glimpse of the Father's Heart?

1 Corinthians 13. It isn't written here in exactly the same words but I'm learning that loving someone can be just as authentic in the letting go as it is in the staying close. Both can be difficult decisions. You can't force someone to stay or be enough to satisfy what only God can.

It doesn't mean it isn't excruciatingly painful.

Is this a tiny glimpse of the Father's heart for us when we stray? How many times have you or I broken His heart with our wanderings, our heart's infidelity and idols, our distracted life? And yet He gives us free choice over and over and over. It breaks His heart...every. time.

I mean, the prodigal said, "Give me what is mine and left, planning to never return." Some prodigals return. Some never do. You can't find out what is on the other side by holding on. You can only find out by letting go.

Have you wandered? Regardless of anyone else's choices, You can always find your path back to Him. He stands there not only with open arms but a robe and a ring and He still calls you "Son". He still calls you "Daughter".

Abba, teach me real love like that. I sure can not do it on my own. Teach me how to let someone else in any walk have their choices while still being able to speak truth. Help me to trust You that You love them more and You are their Healer. The same way You alone are mine. Teach me to bear the hurt in healthy ways, forgive, cast it on You, rest in You and let You heal my heart. It is OK to feel, move through and find healing. Teach me to love by first grasping and experiencing more of Yours...


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