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Why Does Sickness persist?

When you go to the gym to workout, distance train for running or push yourself to hike longer distances, your muscles get tired and sore. This is an accepted and necessary step for gaining muscle and endurance. You have a recovery period and then you go at it again. If you get injured, you take a step back and evaluate how that injury occurred. You allow your injury to heal and you may focus on strengthening a particular muscle to avoid getting injured again. It may feel like a set back but you come back with more strength.

What if we saw getting sick in a similar fashion? What if microbes that can make you sick (like a sore muscle) were really intended to stimulate your immune system to gain ground? What if being chronically sick is an indication of a compromised immune system (like an injury)? I know this may be a bit of a change in thinking but go with me for a minute.

According to William Rawls, MD and author of "Unlocking Lyme" he suggests that what is perceived as harmful bacteria is actually meant to stimulate a healthy immune response in the body. The bacteria responsible for Lyme Disease has been around since the beginning of time and yet it is only in our modern age becoming something of a deadly issue. In order for the bacteria to survive, it NEEDS us to live. If we all died off, it too would die off. It's purpose is to use us as a host who can move and do life as normal in order to have the chance to pass itself off to another host. The benefit SHOULD be to us like getting a sore muscle. It should improve our immune system. But there is a growing imbalance in nature that is becoming apparent by the growth of chronological illnesses and complications arising from bacteria that are hoping we survive. "It suggests that factors unique to the modern world are making people more vulnerable to becoming chronically ill."

Our pediatrician fully lined out the benefits of some childhood diseases to protect our children from future more deadly illnesses. A child's immune systems is building strength and recognizing how to respond to outside invaders. The thymus in a child is like an immune system memory. It is larger the younger they are and shrinks as they age, putting to memory the good and the bad for future immunity. Colds, flu, even things like measles have shown to have long term protection if the body is allowed to be supported and gain brawn. It seems knowing how to move through an illness seems extremely critical over trying to destroy what should be stimulating us to move forward with gusto.

This became apparent in our lives as my then baby and I switched from a mainstream diet and recovered from a c-section birth laden with antibiotics nearly 16 years ago. Not only did these antibiotics tip the scales in my gut but also the health of my baby. For 3 years we battled systematic candida issues that brought with it diaper rashes, sore nipples, achy joints and constipation between the two of us. For several years we were susceptible to every sniffle that came our way. But we kept moving forward with digging for traditional ways to heal and get stronger. It took a few years but we moved from immune compromised to a stronger position to proactively fight off the germs that would want to make us sick and move through minor, occasional illnesses faster.

You did not get to where you are overnight. You won't get to a more vigorous place overnight. Day by day with the right tools you can retrain how your body responds to stimulus and gain ground.

Natural alternatives are the path we use. They are prolife, supporting life without destroying what it takes to live healthy. What we use determines if we are doing maintenance, recovery/healing or needing to target specific weak points. Every person benefits from a strong healthy gut and key foods like ferments, bone broths and eliminating processed foods go a long way in creating the atmosphere for this. Nothing in your body can function as it needs to if your gut is not working properly. Every cell in your body makes up every organ in your body. Every organ in your body combines with other organs and creates body systems (respiratory system, digestive system, ennocannabinoid system). Those cells need nutrients and an unhealthy gut at it's most basic function can not absorb them properly regardless of how healthy you may eat.

Both Dr Josh Axe and Dr William Rawls put an emphasis on using herbs daily. Even culinary herbs like thyme, rosemary, oregano, cinnamon, ginger, etc add flavor but potent medicinal value. They are high in antioxidants and provide healing properties. They are antimicrobial. Many soothe the gut lining and help it heal. Some are antiparasitic. Simply getting an Italian Spice Blend, a Pumpkin Pie Spice Blend, an Indian Blend & a Mexican blend could incorporate so many spices that you could start to use in every dish you create in your kitchen. Be generous. Be intentional. Add them to smoothies, baked potatoes, scrambled eggs, fermented slaws, soups, casseroles and even your coffee!

Essential oils are more potent and are extremely support of helping the body know how to fight off what could harm us, cleanse cells and stimulate the systems in the body. They have traditionally been used to support hormone health, respiratory health, the immune system and cardio health. Essential oils can cross the blood brain barrier and help release emotions stored in the body that can contribute to an ailment. Incorporating them into a regimen to support what you need strengthened is easy to do. Roll on bottles make topical use convenient, nasal inhalers make the aromatherapy advantages a cinch. You can add them to a bath, use them in creams, lotions, shampoos and deodorant. You can wear them like perfume and smell good while doing your body good too.

Nourishing food is where our nutrition thrives. With a little bit of prep work and practice, traditional foods become convenient to use. Leftovers are our favorite "fast food". Did you know that you can purchase ferments, meat, real cheese and even sourdough breads, vegetables, seasonal fruits and foraged herbs from most farmer's markets? If you are local we would be happy to connect you.

Let's take some steps together towards living healthier, feeling happier. Feel free to email us with any questions! (We are generally good at responding within a day. Check your spam if you don't see our reply!)

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