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You Have Choices

I have learned that letting go is more of a process than an event although it is a choice and a journey. There are layers that surface in grief and the loss that demand to be dealt with.


Hopes & dreams.






There is no end to the range of emotions that can surface in letting go. In the letting go deep pain and real vulnerability surfaces one moment and inner healing and a sense of freedom the next. And for me it isn't freedom from a particular person but freedom from the fears and insecurities attached to events and people that are released. It is less them and so much more of the work in me even if we were very much intertwined.

I just sense that someone might need to hear this right now. That it is ok to feel. It is ok to validate the emotion that surfaces. Then remind yourself-I am not a victim. I have choices. Press into the truth over the feelings.

You do.

We all do.

Good night. ❤

Pic: An injured hummingbird that a cat left behind. It recovered and flew off.

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