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You Are Not Meant To Do It All

You can't do it all...nor were you meant to

Somewhere along my growing up I learned to connect what I do with who I was and what I was worth. I could plow through chaos, accomplish tasks in a timely fashion and make others successful. The downside was I could sometimes neglect myself, take time to slow down for the things that needed a different pace and try to do it all. I felt the more I accomplished, the more I would be valued. Slowing down meant less value. Sometimes this also meant taking over what someone else could do better or moving forward with a project before insights from detailed people working on them with me had time to weigh in. This sometimes caused frustration for others and then hurt (in feeling devalued) for me.

You can not find your identity in what you do. Your identity is in who you are. More specifically, your identity is who God says you are. You can enjoy your bent, embrace growing in your calling and reap the benefits of the strengths of others that you cross paths with and do life with. You can be all you are called to be. You can slow down, say no sometimes and step back to let someone else excel in their bent. We can all learn to appreciate how to connect together like a well fashioned puzzle that looks so much better interlocked than separated. You were not meant to do it all. We are relational by nature and healthy interdependence is how we are wired to thrive.

Such it is with this salve. I make salves. I like to make salves. But this salve, when I came across it was something extraordinary. Could I make it? Sure. But why? To try to do it all means I miss slowing down for the calling on my life and the responsibilities I have in front of me. Someone else has crafted it so carefully and purposefully and she is willing to share it here at L'Chaim. By connecting these pieces we all have a greater opportunity to thrive.

So I would like to introduce Ellen's salve. We will call it “First Aid Salve” and truly we have used it for just about everything you could want a salve for in the past six months. Cuts, wounds, burns, bites and even poison ivy found some relief with this herbal mix. Here is what makes it powerful:

Coconut Oil- This carrier oil as a base does not go rancid like others. Alone it is so good for the skin with it's antimicrobioal properties that have been studied to fight infection and support healthy microbiome. It is supports the reduction of inflammation.

Echinacea-A top immune system support herbs and a favorite to combat the flu, echinacea also supports relieving pain.

Yarrow- Traditionally used for faster wound recovery, it is also immune supportive and helps fight infection. It has been known to help mastitis.

Plantain-Consists of certain epidermal growth factor, which enables to speed the healing of minor wounds and bruises. It is also traditionally used to soothe bug bites and stings.

Comfrey- This is an all purpose bone and tissue support herb that is almost essential to any salve blend. It has been known to speed healing of wounds, healing from the outside in and is why we avoid using it on deep puncture wounds.

Aloe Vera- Has been studied to show it can accelerate wound healing, reduce inflammation and offer antioxidant support

Calendula-It is believed that this herb supports wound healing by improving circulation to the area and helping vital nutrients to become more available for cellular repair.

Shea Butter-Rich in antioxidants and vitamins that are known to nourish the skin and reduce scarring, promotes the renewal of cells and supports collagen production

Tea Tree Essential Oil- antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, antimircrobial

Lavender Essential Oil-slightly analgesic, soothing, calming, anti inflammatory, anti bacterial

Peppermint Essential Oil-analgesic, soothing, anti inflammatory

These herbs are in a coconut oil & shea butter base. It is perfect for most applications. Occasionally I have found I want it to be a bit thicker (like B&W) and so I will mix some with some pure lanolin before applying.

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